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Jim Selway

“Without exception [my students] RAVED about their lessons with you.  Each one of them has made, in my view, significant progress because of working with/being inspired by you….I read to each of them the affirming comments you made after the performance part of the class.  Each student was absolutely thrilled to be reminded of what you had said….As for me, I have been so inspired by your teaching and your work with my students.”

Clayton Scott, piano pedagogue and creator of Music Through the Ages, Toronto, Canada


Piano Instruction

Harnes Selway Arts provides students from the preschool through teen-age years with a creativity-based piano program including private piano and small group classes in theory, improvisation, and repertoire.

HSA Piano is based on the teachings of the late Japanese pedagogue, Shinichi Suzuki, who found that children could learn music the same way they learn their native language – through imitation and repetition.  Suzuki repertoire books and listening tapes are used in the early grades.  HSA Piano materials also include a variety of reading and technique books as the reading of music is stressed right from the start.

The Suzuki approach actively involves parents in their child’s music education.  The parent attends the child’s music lessons, works with the child during the daily practice sessions in the early grades, and supervises the listening to music tapes.

For more information, contact James Selway at: harnesselway@aol.com

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